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About Shombhob

Bangladesh's Leading Online Pharmacy Platform

We provide healthcare products, medicines, toiletries, baby care products, and pet care products delivered right to the customers’ doorstep. We believe that technology properly utilized can improve the human condition.  The founder is passionate about improving access to healthcare products for the people of Bangladesh. She founded Shombhob as a digital platform to improve access to guidance and healthcare products, e.g., pharmaceuticals and other healthcare/beauty products (and pet medicines/products) to the people of Bangladeshi cities.

Azra Salim, the Founder of, is a Wharton School of Business graduate who has been a consultant to Fortune 500 Companies. In Bangladesh, she has gained extensive experience in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry., the e-commerce platform of Shombhob Health Ltd., is delivering medicines and healthcare products to the people of Dhaka, with plans of expanding to other cities gradually.