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Tiemonium Methylsulphate 50mg
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Tiemonium Methylsulphate is an antispasmodic drug that reduces muscles spasm of the intestine, biliary system, bladder and uterus. It is used in symptomatic treatment of pain related to functional disorders of the digestive tract and biliary system. It is also indicated for the treatment of spasm and pain in urological and gynaecological diseases.


Generics: Tiemonium Methylsulphate

Dosage Form: Tablet

Tiemonium Methylsulphate is an antispasmodic that works by relaxing the muscles of the colon, biliary system, bladder, and uterus. It is used to alleviate symptomatic discomfort caused by functional abnormalities of the digestive tract and biliary system. It’s also used to treat urological and gynecological illnesses that cause spasms and pain.

Tiemonium Methylsulphate a competitive antagonist of Acetylcholine, Histamine and strengthens of calcium bond with membrane phospholipids and proteins. Thus inhibits intracellular contractile protein of visceral cell which causes inhibition of visceral spasm and pain.

Dosage guideline:
Two or three times daily.

  • Tablet/Syrup-

Adult: usual dose is 2-6 tablets or 3-9 teaspoonfuls syrup daily in divided doses.

Children: 3 ml/kg or 6 mg/kg body weight daily in divided doses.

Injection: 1 Tiemonium Methylsulphate Injection 3 times daily, through Intravenous route slowly or Intramuscular route.

Suppository: 20 mg Tiemonium Methylsulphate suppository two or three times daily, through rectal route.

Route of administration: Orally.

To avoid possible drug interactions, Tiemonium methylsulphate pill should not be taken with other medications without first consulting a doctor.

It should not be used if you have a urethroprostatic disease that could cause urine retention. It is not recommended for those who are at risk of developing angle closure glaucoma.

Side Effects:
In some people, Tiemonium Methylsulphate can lead to hypotension and tachycardia.

Pregnancy & Lactation:
Animal tests on Tiemonium Methylsulphate revealed no teratogenic effects, and no malformations have been documented with routine use so far. In the absence of appropriate data, nursing women should exercise caution, even if no concerns have been observed with usual use.

Precautions & Warnings:
When treating patients with prostate diseases, caution should be exercised. Chronic bronchitis, cardiac insufficiency, ambient hyperthermia, renal & hepatic insufficiency should all be avoided. Driving or operating machinery might be unsafe due to the hazards of visual disruptions.

Therapeutic Class:

Storage Conditions:
Keep in a dry place, away from light and heat. Keep out of the reach of children.

Manufactured by: Renata Limited.