Amore Gold Luxury Condom

Social Marketing Company

৳ 100.00

1 Box of 3 pieces
  • Premium quality- Smooth texture, parallel & teat ended.
  • Exotic Gold colored.
  • Lubricated natural rubber latex condoms for the first time in Bangladesh.
  • Made of the finest natural latex designed for ultimate smooth pleasure with Vanilla.


Experience indulgence with Amore Gold Luxury Condoms – a premium brand offering a luxurious and pleasurable experience. Made from high-quality materials, these condoms boast a natural feel, ultra-thin design, enhanced lubrication, and a smooth texture for heightened sensation. Providing both protection and enjoyment during intimate moments, Amore Gold Luxury Condoms come with user-friendly directions inscribed on the box. Their captivating golden color and delightful vanilla flavor make them a unique and exquisite offering. Crafted with premium quality latex, each box contains three thoughtfully designed condoms. Discover pleasure and protection like never before with Amore Gold.

Key Features:

  • Premium brand for luxurious and pleasurable experience
  • High-quality materials for natural feel and ultra-thin design
  • Enhanced lubrication and smooth texture for heightened sensation
  • User-friendly directions on the box
  • Captivating golden color and delightful vanilla flavor
  • Crafted with premium quality latex
  • Each box contains three exquisitely designed condoms

Key Ingredients:

natural latex rubber, lubricant, vanilla flavoring

Dimensions: 180mm x 60mm x 0.65-0.08mm (thickness)

Country of Origin:



Company Name/ Distributor: Social Marketing Company (SMC)