Babi Mild Sweety Pink Baby Powder

M H Trade International

৳ 225.00

1 Pc of 180 gm

Baby powder with a smooth and fine powder texture, gentle formula, does not cause irritation.


Long scent with the value of pink flowers. Contains 100% Shea Butter values ​​from nature to make your skin smooth, soft, and healthy looking. Soft and sweet scent. Keeps the skin smooth and soft. Has a smooth and fine powder texture, gentle formula, does not cause irritation.

Super Moisture from Shea Butter.
Natural Moisturizer abound with vitamins A & E.
(Shea Butter Cream contains natural vitamin A).
– Vitamin A in Shea Butter helps skin conditioning and restores moisture.
– Vitamin E in Shea Butter protects the aging / anti-oxidant and restores skin to shine and bright.
Light and fragrant from pink flowers.