Biotin DS Shampoo

Derma Healthcare Bangladesh

৳ 2,135.00

1 Pc of 300 ml

An Ancient Ayurvedic Process that makes hair black, shiny, and healthy.



Biotin 1%, Ketoconazole 1.99%,/2%, aloe vera 1%, Zinc pyrithione 2%.


Dandruff, Itchy Scalp, Seborrheic Condition & Hair Fall, Hair Loss.


  • Wet hair thoroughly
  • Massage Biotin DS into the scalp.
  • Leave lather on scalp for several minutes
  • Rinse and repeat if desired. 3 times weekly to get better results.

Organic and natural products are increasingly popular with almost The Global Healing Centre recommends organic tea trees in cases of dandruff and beta glucan for aggravated skin.