Cotton Buds Mini

M/S Raysan Enterprise

৳ 25.00

1 Pc
  • Soft and gentle cotton tips
  • Convenient and precise for application
  • Versatile for beauty, cosmetic, and first-aid uses
  • Compact packaging for easy storage


Ploy Pailin Cotton Buds Mini are small-sized cotton swabs designed for various personal care and hygiene purposes. These cotton buds feature a compact size, making them convenient for precise applications and hard-to-reach areas. With soft and gentle cotton tips, Ploy Pailin Cotton Buds Mini provide a comfortable and delicate touch to your skin.

They are designed to be gentle on sensitive areas and can be used for various beauty, cosmetic, and first-aid applications.These mini cotton buds are versatile and can be used for makeup application, touch-ups, removing or correcting makeup mistakes, applying skincare products, cleaning small areas, and other personal care needs. Ploy Pailin Cotton Buds Mini come in a compact packaging that allows for easy storage and portability, making them ideal for travel or on-the-go use.

Key Ingredients:

pure cotton, plastic stick

Directions for Use:

  1. Take a Ploy Pailin Cotton Bud Mini from the packaging.
  2. Hold the cotton bud between your thumb and forefinger.
  3. Use the cotton tip for various purposes like makeup application, skincare, or cleaning small areas.
  4. Dispose of the cotton bud in a waste bin after use.
  5. Store the remaining cotton buds in a cool, dry place.
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