Dabur Honey

Reckitt Benckiser Bangladesh Ltd

৳ 350.00

1 Bottle of 500 gm
  • Sourced from pristine sources in The Himalayas and The Sundarbans.
  • 100% Pure with No sugar Adulteration
  • Helps in staying fit and energized
  • Natural Superfood that is Rich in Antioxidants
  • Boosts immunity and is considered useful for colds & coughs


Dabur Honey is 100% pure, free from additives, and sourced directly from the nectar of blooming flowers. It contains natural sugars, enzymes, vitamins (such as B-complex and C), minerals (including iron, calcium, and potassium), and powerful antioxidants that contribute to its numerous health benefits.One tablespoon of Dabur honey with warm water daily morning will help you in managing weight and reducing one size in 90days (clinically tested).

  • 100% compliant with all 22 parameters of FSSAI for purity of honey
  • LCMS/MS tested for antibiotics
  • LCMS/MS-SMR tested for no sugar syrup adulteration
  • Tested and packaged in USFDA registered facilities
  • Dabur honey is rich in antioxidants and hence will help in strengthening your immunity
  • Daily use of Dabur Honey with warm water in morning is proved to be good for heart health
  • Dabur honey is a rich souce of nutrition for you and your family
  • Dabur honey when mixed with ginger and other household ingredients is a great remedy for cough & cold

Key Ingredient:

100% pure honey (vegetarian)

Directions for Use: 

    • Culinary Delight: Use it as a natural sweetener in teas, smoothies, and recipes, enhancing the flavors with its unique taste.
    • Health Tonic: Consume a spoonful daily, on an empty stomach or before bedtime, to reap the full range of health benefits.
    • Skin and Hair Care: Apply topically to soothe and nourish the skin, or mix with natural ingredients for homemade beauty treatments.

Country of Origin:



Reckitt Benckiser Bangladesh Ltd